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Okay? Are you drooling yet? Well it tastes even better than it is beautiful, if you can believe it! My very talented hubby surprised me with this home made treat when I came home from work the other day! I was just delighted! And it was all for us!

This lite dessert originated in Sweden and has alternate layers of cinnamon pastry, applesauce, and custard. Just the yummiest thing ever! It was actually even better the next day, when all the layers ran together after resting in the fridge overnight.

Here’s what the Torte looks like in Betty Crocker’s International Cookbook, page 314-315. I prefer Steven’s addition to the top of ours:thin-sliced raw almonds and a touch of natural cane turbinado sugar to make it gleam!

This is the cookbook. Available to buy here or here. But, if you would like me to email you just this recipe, then please leave a comment below with your email address. Soon, you too can enjoy this decadent dessert too!


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