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My friend: “I need an alteration, and my dress should be here pretty soon. Are you available to do it?”

Me: “Sure! I’d love to! Just let me know when you get the dress in.” (meanwhile I’m packing for an upcoming move to Ohio). “I should have plenty of time.”

My friend: (one week later). “I’m calling the dress shop. My dress should’ve been here by now.”
………………about an hour passes by…… “they actually said it hasn’t even been shipped yet. Argh!”

Me: “When is the wedding again?”

My friend: “In two months. I guess I will have to mail it to you.”

***Moving Day has arrived for me (and my husband) to go to Ohio…and has gone… We are moved in now. All boxes are unpacked, including my sewing machine.******

My friend: “The dress is finally here. It’s way too big!”

Me: “When’s the wedding again?”

My friend: “In two weeks.”

Me: “Okay…I’ll get right on it then!” …(I’m a little nervous)…

***Then look what came in the mail ASAP: A really wrinkled and too-large bridesmaid gown. I did get on it right away! We cannot have my friend not be prepared for her friend’s big day! My awesome friend (in Florida), Cheryl, saved the day and rushed to Jillian to get her measured, and the dress pinned on her inside-out. Then, I wouldn’t have to move the pins when I received it in the mail. What a blessing! Thank you, Cheryl!!!
The straps needed sewn shorter, the sides taken in and side boning (“bone-ing”) taken out. Not too much overall, but I wanted it to look nice..and not like it’s been altered.

So, I altered it and thought I was done.

I am about the same size as my friend, and so I tried the dress on. I couldn’t zip it up. NOT a good sign.

I called her.

We talked.

I took it out one more inch.

I tried it on again. It zipped!


I then packed it back in the box and shipped it to Louisiana (where the wedding was to be), not Florida (where she lives).

Did the dress make it in time?

Did it fit okay?

Well, “yes” and “yes”.

And a big “Whew!” from me!

The dress arrived on a Wednesday, and the wedding was Saturday.

Jillian looked so beautiful at her friend’s wedding:

And enclosed was a small clutch I made for her to take to the wedding for…

what else?..

Somewhere to put the lipstick, credit card, and tissues for when you cry!

So glad everything turned out well in the end. Thanks so much for allowing me the honor of doing this for you, even from another state! You are a very trusting friend! Love ya!


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