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I’m still carried away in the excitement. There is still two more weeks of top submissions to go on Made By Rae’s featured TOP WEEK! I’m well on my way with entries, and the two shirts below will be my 2nd and third top entered. I used NEW LOOK pattern 6562 for both (the pink one is view E, and the blue one is view C). I’m lovin’ this new Ohio weather to sport my new summer-y tops! Yea!!! Do you think I will win?

LOL. I have to comment on this picture. It was so bright outside today that I didn’t notice the shoulder strap was twisted, till I looked at the pics. Oh, well…you understand : )! The small, floral, pink print is a calico cotton from Jo Ann’s and the solid pink at the top was was a light-weight flannel from Jo Ann’s. I had a flannel remnant leftover from a robe that I made my mom for Christmas last year.

And then the blue one:

(Note to self: re-iron the shirt before having your wonderful husband take pics of you, or just apologize to your lovely and forgiving readers : )!

This blue stripe material was 100% cotton from Ikea. I loved the simple, but fun pattern of the blue. I try to have all colors throughout my wardrobe, instead of sticking to safe colors like blue, brown, and black. I definitely like color…well, when it matches : )! The solid blue on the top was a piece of cotton I already had. Here’s a close-up of the side split detail.

I’d love to hear what you think about my new tops! Please share with me below!


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