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This plane was my inspiration. My husband, Steven, is a genius and master of paper craft (and many other things). In fact, we both craft…all day, and all night! He built this Nieuport 17 biplane out of paper stock. It’s one of my favorites, and his. I wanted to make this plane into a display for him. I was so excited to find this awesome tutorial on Twice Remembered about how to transfer printed images. See how she made hers here. I started with this old frame I had:

I took the backboard out of the frame and used it as a template. I traced around the board on a piece of art paper:

Steven already had pictures of the model already printed out in black and white & color:

I cut out the plane shapes I wanted to use, and lettering, and arranged them on my art paper page:

Then, I colored the back side of each cutout with the side of my pencil lead. This will create a faux “graphite” transfer paper:

Then, when all the images are ready, I arranged them back on the page and taped them down. Masking tape works best, so your art paper will not rip as you pull it off:

With a regular ink pen, preferably in a blue or red, trace all letters on top of copied image:

Then, take off the copied image, and beneath you will see your traced image:

Proceed to trace all of your copied designs:

Until they all look like this:

And then this:

And then trace over the images with a black ink pen (a fine point black pen or thin tipped sharpie works best). And this is what it will look like after:

Hope you enjoy the display, sweetheart!
I wasn’t able to get any toner-copies to do the acetone technique like at Twice Remembered. I did want to show you, though, how you can do this same project without much artistic drawing skills or equipment. And it will look so professional when you are done! Enjoy!


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