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About a month ago I saw an inspiration dress made by Sutton Grace here that she copied from a dress on Shabby Apple’s web shop here. I thought it was a cute dress, and I have been designing and developing a remake dress of my own, pulling from pieces I already have. Here’s what I started with: A shirt donated by my friend, Lana, and a gray and black remnant of fabric (leftover from a curtain I made in January). I usually “dress” my just-my-size mannequin to help my visualize the end result better:I cut the bottom off the shirt, added a black band, and gathered the gray skirt and it looked like this:

Unfortunately I tried it on, and my husband said, “you kinda look like a teacher or schoolgirl in a uniform”…so more altering needed to take place. I then decided to make it look more like the Shabby Apple inspiration dress, and so I cut off the previous collar and decided to do a scoop neck:

Then, I added a neck lining, and twill tape to the middle (old button up area) band, and made a gathered flower detail in the middle:

I thought about it overnight, and decided…”this flower is super cute, but really not me,” so off it came (to be used elsewhere at a later date).

And then the dress looked like this:

And here’s what the work in progress looks like on:

Just need a zipper in back and a much shorter hem (where the safety pin is). I’m thinking this will be the final design, but I’d love to know what you think? Am I done? Should I keep going? do you love it? Do you hate it? Please leave me a comment! : )


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