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Today my husband and I attended our local Home and Garden Show. We had a great time and were very thankful for the free tickets (Thanks, Pete!). They had everything there from outdoor living areas, to cooking, furnaces, basement dry, sun rooms, spas, and lots more. Hope you enjoy looking at my “BEST OF SHOW” pics! Enjoy!

These two photos, of this incredibly beautiful cascade fountain of flowers, were done by Bob Hurt of Earth, Wood, & Flowers. He also had a large outdoor wooden train display. Definitely my fave. Perhaps I will try building my own cascade this summer! Does anyone have and old fountains to get rid of? : )

These next set of pics definitely “go green” for the community. They are produced by Scarff’s. Here we learned about Green Roofs, Green Walls, and growing vertically. Check out their site to see more! My fave of theirs was the homemade tic, tack, toe board with ribbon, upholstery tacks, and branches. Cool!

My last “Best of” was from Tony Carpenter of Beyond The Greenhouse. His outdoor living spaces were breathtaking. I felt like I could just move right in! Couldn’t you? There’s a kitchen, bar and grille, with wrapped counter, sun shade(not pictured), and fountain area. I could have stayed here for hours…


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